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Welcome to Locked In Dreads

Meet Your New Favorite Loctician

Locked In Dreads is the next up and coming home salon for dreadlocks. For some, they may feel it is impossible to find someone who will look after them and their dreads correctly, but here at Locked In Dreads, your journey is our journey. Not only do you have a stylist who is passionate about dreads, but you have a stylist who is passionate about hair with more than 3 years of doing hair under her belt as a hairdresser. Hair can shape the way that others see you. A new hairstyle can come across as bold, exciting, innovative. It can make people feel beautiful or strong. It can be an expression of taste and mood! Whether you’re looking for a simple maintenance session or after a whole fresh look, Locked In Dreads can make anything happen when it comes to your hair. Come in today and see for yourself.


Professional Services

Everyone wants to look and feel like their very best.  At Locked In Dreads, I make your satisfaction my number one goal, and tailor my services according to your specific request at prices that can’t be beat. Swing by today!

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First Time Dreads

Wanting to start your dread journey? Look no further, at Locked In Dreads you will receive the dreadlocks you have been dreaming of.



Has it been a while since you have had your hair maintained? Contact us today and book in for our next available appointment!

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Dread Extensions

Have you been looking for someone who is as passionate about making your dread extensions look the best that they possibly can? Here at Locked In Dreads we hand make them to suit you and your style.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Ashleigh and Locked in Dreads is my baby!
Growing up I had a awesome mum that juggled full time work while raising three full on children, and then 13 years later decided to complete our family with another two brothers. In my teens I became an independent teenager and wanted to take life on myself. A bit more than the average teen though.
When I turned 17 I left home and jumped from job to job for a couple of years. My self-confidence, morals and values were challenged and I sank quite low in myself. I hit rock bottom.
There was a light that came through at this time which gave me direction and hope. Someone I knew got dreadlocks and I fell in love with the look and freedom that they gave her. It was then I decided I wanted to give people the feeling of confidence and freedom to be who they want to be. I started to take control of my life. I decided to that I would become a hairdresser so I could properly look after and treat peoples hair while having a thorough knowledge on what i was doing with the intention of creating amazing dreadlocks. AND I AM FINALLY THERE.
It has taken years of studying and working hard on myself to build up my confidence but with the support of my mum dad and grandma I have been able to take the necessary steps I needed to to get to where I am today. Through the years of training and building myself back up I am the person I need to be to support others in their dreadlocks journey with confidence, freedom and success.
I cannot wait to meet all of you amazing people and be a part of your journey.


Our Mission

Committed to Your Needs

Locked In Dreads works with people who want to be their truest selves by "changing things up" and creating the dreadlocks they have always been wanting.


Price List

Our Offers


Starting at $225 to $1050

Ready to take the leap into getting a full head of beautiful dreadlocks? Here at Locked In Dreads we don't use any products to create your dreadlocks. We use the crochet method to create spectacular dreadlocks that will look amazing and last a lifetime. Message us for a quote today!

Dreadlocks Extensions

Starting from $225 to $1800

Wanting the full long dreadlock look but don't want to wait for your hair to grow? At Locked In Dreads we use a range of methods to give you the best blend and look from your natural hair to your extension, whether it be synthetic extensions or real hair extensions. Message us today to book in for your extensions!


Starting from $75

Every couple of months the regrowth at your scalp is going to frustrate you, you may have some loops or dreads that are going the wrong way. That's when you know you need someone that cares for your dreads as  much  as you do to keep them in the best condition possible and looking great. Here at Locked In Dreads we care about your extensions as much as you do! Message us today to make a booking.


Opening Hours

Here at Locked In Dreads we book by appointment. We are open:
Saturday Evening

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